Platinum vs White Gold – Select the one that Suits You Best

As the modern era upscale on technology level even there are other arenas such as fashion and home living standards also that need simultaneous progression. And with so many new types of metals around, there are many different styles of modern jewelry design that are easily available in the market. Current trend for most of the woman is white tone jewelry that is made of white gold or platinum. Many a times it becomes very difficult for a common person to differentiate between platinum vs white gold when they are confronted with both type of jewelry. Here we bring in some interesting tips that will help you to decide what kind of metal will suit you better.

When we look at some chemical facts about Platinum it is one of the rare metals as compared to Gold and can cause allergy in very few cases. Platinum melts around 1772 Celsius and possess a high metal density. It natural color is white in color.  Whereas White gold is made from pure gold mixed with alloy mixture of palladium, zinc, silver, nickel etc. in different proportions depending upon the desired type of color tone and strength of white gold. But reports suggest that this metal has not shown to cause any allergic reactions. Moving onto the physical aspects of it, platinum is more lustrous as compared to white gold. Shoppers and jewelry manufacturers use rhodium to make brighter and shinier so that it glitters and gives a beautiful radiance. All said and done if you observe platinum vs white gold on the basis of ductility and consistency platinum again score higher in this subject making it more stronger metal.

Cost wise also platinum is quite expensive as it is a rare metal than white gold. Depending upon the weight and design platinum jewelry can cost some high amount of money. As white gold is not a pure metal so the cost is also not as high as platinum products. So if you have tight budget but still want to buy white tone jewelry then white gold is a good option for you. As platinum is a stronger metal the cost for manufacturing designer jewelry also adds to the high cost of it.

Now once you have finalized what type of metal you would like to pursue then a simple scratch test will further clear your doubt about the truthfulness of the metal. Scratch the metal on a hard surface, if it gets scratched then it is likely to be white gold. Another test that can be done is the heat test. But I recommend such test must be done carefully so as not to damage the original design and shape of the metallic jewelry. Surely these differences amongst platinum vs white gold will help you to buy the right type of jewelry for you.