White Gold

Platinum and White Gold
Platinum and White Gold

Different types of metals are used in making a variety of designer jewelry pieces. Jewelry has been used since ancient period when human evolved on this planet. In early days, people used animal horns and bones to prepare necklaces and jewelry for other parts. But today due to discovery of numerous metals, this business has taken a perfect new dimension. Most common type of metals that are used these days are gold, silver, white gold and platinum. In current trend white gold and platinum are preferred choice of metal for most of the modern designs. Here we will present some aspects which will help you in identifying amongst platinum vs. white gold when you plan for your next piece of jewelry.

Whichever metal you select it should be strong and durable. If we compare both of platinum is more durable than white gold. To be more precise platinum jewelry will be able to tolerate little more amount of wear and tear as compared to the other one. Go for platinum when you go for delicate designs such as in bracelets, rings, necklaces as these would be much stronger as compared to white gold equivalents.

Now if you want a budget analysis between platinum and white gold, definitely white gold is on the cheaper end. Platinum as a metal is more consistent and it involves difficult manufacturing process while making designer jewelry. Thus depending upon the significance of occasion you can choose between both items.

Selecting of color tone should not be a very tough decision as the end result of both metals is white in color. It must be noted that white gold is actual gold in which various alloys are added in order to bring its color from gold to white gold. Many a time a layer of rhodium is also placed on the white gold piece of jewelry to give it a much brighter look. Mostly in case of platinum there is no addition of any alloys such as zinc, copper, palladium, instead it is a pure metal with a high consistency having a white tone of it. In platinum there is no need of a rhodium layer to top it off. Both have a different approach of manufacturing but the final color tends to be similar.

As the consumer market for Jewelry is progressing, all types of pure metals such as gold, silver, platinum, white gold are in demand. If you are still unable to decide amongst platinum vs white gold type of jewelry then you should consider the purpose of buying it. For more consistency and durability you should go for platinum. Whereas when cost is considered white gold is readily available at much lower price than platinum. Definitely if you can afford, platinum is becoming quite popular these days and is sold in most of the shops and retailers. Always make sure you buy your jewelry from a renowned shop.

The final battle: White Gold vs. Platinum